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Best Shoe for Any Activity

Late 2020 Under Amour moved forward and gave Steph Curry his Own brand. Only 2 other athletes have made that transition with the most famous being Jordan from Nike. And lets not forget Wade from Jordan with now Way of Wade. Curry brand released the Curry 8, or Curry Flow. Not sure the actual exact title but either way, their slogan is "change the game".

Well change the game they have. Curry has made a basketball shoe with as amazing a fit an flexible as a running shoe. That also has the stability an balance of a training shoe. While also having some of the greatest on court traction of all time.

If you could have 1 shoe to go for a walk or run, lift weights, take a fitness class, and go play basketball, The Curry 8 can literally do everything incredibly well. Full review on our Youtube channel with comparisons to follow.

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